About Us

Computer Engine is a pioneering software company that specializes in medical information technology. It is dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that enable medical professionals to perform their duties with the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness. The company's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of its products and services, from user-friendly interfaces to state-of-the-art data analytics.

Why Us

  • Experience

    We have a very strong experience in medical Software field (business - technical)

  • Smart Technologies

    With the growing influence of software technology on the healthcare sector, Computer Engine has been dedicated to implementing the latest medical technology in healthcare institutions to compete in the global medical field due to its extensive experience.

  • Support

    We can give you full support, teach your team how to deal with the system.

  • Flexibility

    We are flexible to apply any changes in our systems (Once you want to apply anything in the system, we will discuss it with you, once we reach agreed scenario, and we will apply it for you).


Since 20014, today’s Computer Engine has been working towards the goal of a digitized healthcare system. Since then, we have been relentlessly driving the development of new and vital technologies to support and improve the work and lives of healthcare professionals and citizens alike. Learn more about our purpose, ambition and the mission we see ourselves on here.