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Computer Engine cordially invites you to experience its software with a comprehensive range of features and functionalities designed to streamline and enhance your healthcare practice. The Clinic Engine software is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your medical organization, providing seamless integration, efficient communication, and optimal patient care. With a user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, our software empowers healthcare professionals to manage patient information, appointments, billing, and much more. Experience the benefits of our cutting-edge software, and take your medical practice to the next level with Computer Engine.

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Do you want to BUILD your customers' database and do not know how?
Clinic Engine can build it for you according to your needs.

We have a flexible system that will help you in building & classify your customers' database.

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ClinicEngine offers

a convenient solution for medical facilities looking to streamline administrative, medical, and financial processes. With ClinicEngine, physicians and administrators can easily manage patient records, schedule appointments, track billing, and access important data from a single, secure platform. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual processes and the hassle of sifting through paper records.

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Clinic Engine
solution advantages

Advanced Feature to Grow Your Clinic

  • With ClinicEngine
    • medical centers and clinics can leverage its state-of-the-art tools to create a professional and customized online presence. This not only enhances their accessibility to patients but also creates a favorable impression of their services, boosting their reputation and competitiveness in the industry. The platform facilitates the management of patient appointments, medical records, and provides a platform for communication with patients, among other features. These services help medical institutions build a strong brand image and foster loyalty among patients, ultimately leading to their growth and success. In conclusion, ClinicEngine is a reliable and indispensable tool for medical centers and clinics who wish to establish themselves as leaders in the highly competitive global medical services market, and ensure that their patients receive the best possible care.
    • After that, our system will automatically will classify your emails by country, then you will have the ability to send your email campaigns to selected countries.
  • Medical Record
    • By creating a unified electronic medical record for patients that includes all relevant information, ClinicEngine has facilitated ease of use for doctors and healthcare institutions. With their sophisticated tools, ClinicEngine has simplified the decision-making process, allowing institutions to focus on providing the best possible care to patients. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has revolutionized the healthcare industry by allowing for more efficient, accurate, and comprehensive health record keeping.
  • Advanced Technology
    • With the growing influence of software technology on the healthcare sector, ClinicEngine has been dedicated to implementing the latest medical technology in healthcare institutions to compete in the global medical field due to its extensive experience. It strives to provide top-notch medical, administrative and financial services to assist healthcare institutions in carrying out their operations with precision and complete integration, eliminating issues related to inaccurate information or the possibility of its damage. Furthermore, it contributes to organizing the physician's schedule and providing clarity to the institution by accurately monitoring its financial status at any given time, working towards addressing any sudden issues that may threaten the institution's well-being at an early stage.
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Clinic Engine features:
Easy - Fast - Effective

  • Considered as one of the fastest digital marketing tools in achieving sales and marketing targets.
  • Lower cost than other digital marketing tools.
  • Enables your business to achieve high ROI.
  • Reach targeted clients directly.
  • Clinic Engine
  • Effective brand awareness tool.
  • Can be used in corporate loyalty program.
  • And more...